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Gender Pay Gap shrinks at the UKSI

02 April 2024

The median gender pay gap at the UK Sports Institute (UKSI) has fallen to 3.8%, with a reduction across both part- and full-time roles and at every level in the organisation.

The figures cover 2022-23 and are down from 10.8% for the previous reporting year (2021-22). The national median gender pay gap in the UK remains at around 14%.

Jaqui Perryer and Joanna Sweeney

People Director at the UK Sports Institute Jaqui Perryer said: “We are obviously really pleased to see a further reduction in our gender pay gap, but we are mindful of not becoming complacent as we aim to continue on this positive trajectory.

“Working closely with our Performance Data Team, we have been delving into the detail behind the numbers and that has really improved our understanding of how we can make impactful changes to benefit UKSI people.

“Our Senior Leadership Team will now consider our next steps and we would welcome the opportunity to share our experiences and learning so far with others across the sports sector.”

Data Analyst at the UK Sports Institute Joanna Sweeney added: “It has been a really rewarding and insightful project and we are delighted to know that positive progress is being made.

“We are already thinking about additional subsets that we could include next time around in order to take our understanding to the next level.”

Watch Jaqui and Joanna discussing how we calculate our Gender Pay Gap and why it matters to the UKSI. Please note: the figures in this video are now outdated.