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Olympic and Paralympic Performance Support

In support of the wider UK Sports Institute (UKSI) Strategy, the Performance Support team at the UK Sports Institute is responsible for leading and delivery of several organisational key areas to Olympic, Paralympic and other sport partners. Specifically, the leadership development and connection of the Head of Performance Support (HoPS), who sit within both the UK Sports Institute and NGBs.


The Role of the Head of Performance Support

The purpose of the HoPS role is to maximise the impact of science, medicine and technology by bringing it closer to coaching and performance. HoPs work within each sport, leading the sports science and medicine teams, and normally sit in the performance senior leadership team. Within their sport HoPS will work with coaches and practitioners to facilitate the articulation of  What It Takes To Win (WITTW) in such a way that enables support to be clearly aligned to performance.

HoPS also interface with other Head of Performance Support functions and system support such as technology and innovation collaborating on projects and support that affect change and make a positive performance impact.


How the Performance Support Team Connect with the HoPS

The Performance Support Team work to develop and connect the HoPS so they can be the best leaders they can be in order to fulfil their potential in their sports. Each HoPS works individually with a Mentor from within the team. Mentors work both individually and with the HoPS as a group to fast track learning as well as sharing of knowledge and best practise.

Sitting within the Performance Support team, the UK Sports Institute’s Managed Sports programme is responsible for hosting either the world class programme or and individual medal support plans to a small number of potential Olympic or Paralympic athletes/sports, allowing the NGB to focus on other areas of their operation.


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