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Who We Are

We understand that to continue to compete at the highest levels not only requires world-class athletes and world-class coaching, but also world-class support services. It is these support services that the UKSI specialises in.

Over the years, the support services the UKSI offers has expanded, from more traditional sports support such as medicine, physiotherapy and strength and conditioning, into services such as biomechanics, performance innovation and performance data. The UKSI prides itself on this support being genuinely world-leading.

Just as importantly, the UKSI operates as a network, connecting all these outstanding support services into one delivery system. By sharing challenges, information and breakthroughs across the UKSI network, sports benefit from the cumulative knowledge of all the people in the UKSI network and community. This drives a coordinated, high-quality approach which is excellent value for sports and athletes, who benefit from the collective expertise of over 350 experts working across over 40 sports.

Our Story

Committed to our values

We have been providing dedicated, cutting edge sports science and medicine support to Olympic and Paralympic sports for almost 20 years.


The highest standards of governance

The UKSI is governed by a Board of Directors to guide the strategic direction of the organisation.


We are always happy to work with organisations

...who can help us make a difference or who are interested in hearing about our work.