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Netball Performance

Technically demanding and tactically challenging, Netball also needs physically tough athletes to withstand the training and competitive load of the sport, whilst performing optimally when it matters most.

UKSI practitioners work with athletes and coaches to maximise athlete availability across the international and club season, supporting the development and deployment of Sport Science and Medicine across the league system in the UK to develop the game throughout the player pathway. Practitioners deliver support at camps and competitions, such as the World Cup and Commonwealth Games, as well as regionally to support athletes where they are based.

The UK Sports Institute uses its Performance Data Management System (PDMS) to track player availability, wellbeing and loading, allowing staff to respond to and optimise support around the player group wherever they are based. Another example of individualised support, is the match-day plans for each athlete at major competitions to ensure players maximise their opportunity to deliver at each game

Services we provide for Netball

  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Physiotherapy and soft tissue therapy
  • Nutrition
  • Sport Medicine
  • Performance Analysis