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Skeleton Performance

Skeleton is a sport that demands strength, power and speed, high level of technical skill, body coordination and intuitive decision making, in order for athletes to navigate high speed courses, head first, in the fastest possible time.

Working closely with athletes and coaches, UKSI practitioners help to identify performance impacting issues that training and support can help improve as part of each individual athlete plan as well as any wider team strategies. Support is delivered at camps and competitions and on a regular training basis at the UK Sports Institute High Performance Centre based at the University of Bath.

UKSI Sport Science and Medical services are embedded within the GB Skeleton programme to support the collective development of interventions ranging from addressing a fear of failure on the start block to accessing performance corrective eyewear.

Everyone who is part of the team is essential for physically keeping me fit and mentally keeping me going. It’s so relieving to know that there are so many experts on my team that have my back and I certainly couldn’t do it without them.
Lizzy Yarnold Double Olympic champion, Skeleton

Services we provide for Skeleton

  • Physiotherapy
  • Athlete Health
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Performance Nutrition
  • Psychology
  • Performance Lifestyle
  • Sports Medicine