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Wheelchair Basketball Performance

Athletes require power, technical skill, quick decision making and strength, to maintain performance at the world-level. GB Basketball use UKSI Sport Science and Medical services within both its men’s and women’s basketball squads.

Working closely with athletes and coaches, the UK Sports Institute provides services at the sports’ centralised based at UK Sports Institute Sheffield, as well as at camps and competitions.

Strength & Conditioning, Physiotherapy and Sport Medicine all integrate to maintain athletes’ physical fitness, strength, power and individualised training programmes to maximise their capacity to train and perform on court. Performance Lifestyle is used to equip athletes to minimise distractions and manage their training and competition schedules to reduce the impact that concerns and conflicts can have on performance.

To have the edge in competition, you need to make sure you continually look to improve every aspect of preparation and the EIS helps me make the most of sport science and medical support in achieving that.
Jessica Ennis-Hill 2012 Olympic Champion, Heptathlon

Services we provide to Wheelchair Basketball

  • Sports Medicine
  • Physiotherapy & Soft tissue therapy
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Athlete Health
  • Performance Lifestyle