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Judo Performance

In a physically demanding and a highly technical sport, British Judo uses sport science and medical support to proactively minimise injury risk, develop physical and mental strength, maintain power and develop movement competency.

The UK Sports Institute supports athletes and coaches on the Olympic and Paralympic World Class Programme, across camps and competitions, as well as on a regular basis at the British Judo Centre of Excellence in Walsall.

UKSI practitioners combine expertise to support training and competitive performance, whether that’s monitoring athletes’ physical and mental wellbeing on a daily basis, innovative hearing aid solutions in coaching sessions for visually impaired athletes, or leading research into specific compression garments for recovery in female athletes.

Services we provide for Judo

  • Sports Medicine
  • Physiotherapy & soft tissue therapy
  • Athlete Health
  • Performance Analysis
  • Psychology
  • Performance Lifestyle
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Sport Intelligence
  • Nutrition