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Our Speakers

Meet our Speakers: the UKSI Senior Leadership Team

The UK Sports Institute (UKSI) has a number of leaders and specialists who could speak to your organisation or company about our world-leading work. Much of our work has potential application outside of sport, and we are happy to talk to organisations about a range of speaking opportunities. Below you can read more about our Senior Leadership Team and the subjects they can speak on, and further down we provide a small snapshot of areas of UKSI expertise that we can provide speakers for.

Some of our Areas of Expertise

The UKSI has specialists who work with sports and support staff to develop their leadership skills and to identify future leaders. UKSI experts in leadership such as Head of Performance Support Services Stuart Pickering can come to your organisation and explore with your leaders or future leaders how to build their skills in this area.

The field of women’s sport and performance is one that is finally receiving the attention it deserves, but much sports science has historically been based on male-only research. The UKSI is righting this, with a programme of work which seeks to understand the impact of menstruation, hormonal fluctuations, sports bra and breast health and other female-specific areas on female performance. Experts such as Technical Lead Dr Richard Burden can share with you how the research can help connect your brand with female consumers and the implications of not understanding 50% of the workforce.

UKSI experts in talent have been working with the general population for years to identify future talented athletes. How do they do this, and what does future talent look like? UKSI people can share some of the secrets the UKSI use to identify and develop talent.

In order to ensure we can provide optimum support to the world, the UKSI must develop and support the development of high performing teams. UKSI experts are available to work with you or share insight into how to build high performing teams and how to develop people so they can perform in the toughest and more uncertain of environments.

In recent months there has been much attention focussed on the importance of sleep as part of individual recovery and wellbeing and the impact this has on individual performance. UKSI experts in sleep support athletes to understand and maximise their sleep, and can work with you to educate your teams about the power of sleep to perform.