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Dr Kevin Currell

Dr Kevin Currell

Director of Science and Technical Development

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Kevin is the Director of Science and Technical Development at the UK Sports Institute, holding the post since 2017.  Kevin began his career as a Performance Nutritionist in research at the University of Birmingham investigating the effects of carbohydrates on endurance performance.  Following this he entered applied Performance Nutrition working with anumber of sports including British Triathlon, British Canoeing, British Athletics and Short Track Speed Skating across five Olympic Games.

Kevin became Head of Performance Nutrition at the UK Sports Institute in 2013 where he oversaw the strategic development of Performance Nutrition.  He holds an MBA from Warwick Business School.

Kevin led on the development of the UK Sports Institute’s strategy for Beyond 2020, and is available to discuss developing high performance strategies in complex environments. He can also talk about the application of the scientific process to human performance challenges and applying sports performance principles to individual and business performance.

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