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Performance Rehabilitation

The UK Sports Institute (UKSI) Performance Rehabilitation team optimise rehabilitation to Olympic and Paralympic athletes.

Injury can be devastating for elite athletes. It can impair their ability to perform everyday tasks, let alone compete, and can lead to missed opportunities, lost earnings, and impaired mental health. However, with the right support, injury can provide an opportunity for learning and growth.

We are here to support athletes through the toughest moments in their sporting careers. We provide a world-class performance rehabilitation service comprising multidisciplinary experts, advanced technologies, personalised care, and a holistic approach – all integrated within the UK Sports Institute. We have the team, technology, and time to provide the best possible rehabilitation for elite British athletes.

We work in partnership with athletes and sports to understand their goals and co-create personalised rehabilitation plans to expedite recovery, enhance performance, and minimise future performance threat. We help athletes overcome obstacles to achieve their highest potential and we are proud to be part of their journey.

We don’t just work one-to-one with athletes. We also collaborate with sports and practitioners to identify creative solutions to performance problems.

Performance Rehabilitation

Our vision and mission

Our Vision – We aim to be a global leader in performance rehabilitation. We collaborate across the high-performance system to ensure British Olympic and Paralympic athletes receive the best.

Our Mission – We support optimal rehabilitation across the high-performance system. We want athletes to come back physically and psychologically stronger and we help the high-performance system.


What we do

Advanced Technologies

We deploy advanced technologies – including a 3D motion-capture system, isokinetic dynamometer, and a hydrotherapy pool – to expedite recovery, enhance performance, and protect long-term health. We collaborate with Performance Data to ensure that the data we capture leads to insight, action, and impact.

What we do

Multidisciplinary Collaboration

Our team comprises multidisciplinary experts including physiotherapists, strength and conditioning coaches, administrators, biomechanists, psychologists, physiologists, and nutritionists. Our experts have the time to connect with sports and acquire a deep understanding of the needs of individual athletes. We collaborate with sports physicians, the Athlete Health central services (Mental Health, Brain Health, Female Athlete Health and Performance, and Respiratory Health), and the wider UKSI practitioner network to optimise performance rehabilitation.

What we do

Personalised Care

We work with athletes and sports to shape personalised rehabilitation plans tailored to their needs and goals. We consider the individual’s health history, physical qualities, and unique sporting demands to create bespoke rehabilitation programmes.

Richard Burden
The Performance Rehabilitation team provide cutting edge, world-class care to the athletes they work with, helping them achieve their highest potential. Team GB has had a proud partnership with the Intensive Rehabilitation Unit since it opened at Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre in 2009, and many Olympic athletes from a wide range of sports have benefited from this unique collaboration.
Greg Retter Team GB Head of Performance Services

What we do

Holistic Approach

We take a holistic approach collaborating with athletes and sports to solve problems from every angle. We are fully integrated within the broader UK Sports Institute and work alongside the British Olympic Association, British Paralympic Association, and National Governing Bodies.

Performance Rehabilitation Contact Details

The High-Performance Centre,
Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre,
Bisham, Nr. Marlow,

Howard Hastings
Business & Performance Rehabilitation Administrator

M: 07930574059
L: 01628 483580