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Our Purpose

The UK Sports Institute (UKSI) delivers outstanding support that enables sports and athletes to excel.

Since 2002, and over the last four Olympic and Paralympic cycles, the UKSI has evolved quietly and effectively into an organisation consistently performing at a world-leading level, contributing to over 1,000 Olympic and Paralympic medals.

We are dedicated, insatiably curious, excellent – and right there on the front line.

Each UKSI individual is also part of a unique network, through which we share knowledge, experience and learning, creating and protecting performance advantage.

Our people, and our expertise, are respected worldwide and demanded domestically, which is why we have developed leading expertise in attracting, identifying, recruiting and developing talented performance professionals in sport.

We have a clear and joined up approach to our planning and aspirations for the future. Five broad organisational objectives – people, environment, health, performance and governance – that give rise to eleven strategic areas.

All of this is underpinned by a strong culture and our philosophy: People at the heart of extraordinary performance.

Find out more about Mission 2025 below.