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Wheelchair Tennis Performance

A skill-based sport, demanding technical and tactical quality and high levels of physical fitness and stamina, to maintain performance over matches within gruelling competition schedules. GB Wheelchair Tennis use UKSI Sport Science and Medical services around the What It Takes To Win model.

UKSI practitioners work closely with athletes and coaches, supporting player performance in tactical situations across the sport, such as serving and returning, as well as general physical and psychological excellence.

The experience of players and coaches, alongside UKSI expertise, are used to develop specific developments and strategies for athletes to focus on, such as maintaining speed across longer rallies for example. Minimising the risk of injury, equipping athletes with skills to manage their training, match preparation and recovery, as well as more specific development areas, all form part of practitioners’ roles within the programme.

Services we provide to Wheelchair Tennis

  • Physiotherapy and soft tissue therapy
  • Athlete Health
  • Sport Medicine
  • Psychology