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Wheelchair Fencing Performance

The UK Sports Institute is responsible for the management of the Wheelchair Fencing World Class Programme which is made up of three athletes, Dimitri Coutya, Piers Gilliver and Oliver Lam-Watson

The athletes train at the Sport Training Village (STV) at the University of Bath. Their day-to-day training is managed by UKSI Lead Coach, Peter Rome.

Athletes require accuracy, power and speed, as well as high levels of fitness to maintain performance throughout competitions, as well as high-level technical skill and quick decision making.

Tailored programmes are developed for the Paralympic athletes to further their understanding of the performance demands of the sport, which sees athletes fight over three weapons; the epee, foil and sabre.

Sport science and medical practitioners work closely with athletes and coaches to maximise the benefits of athletes’ training and prepare them for competitions.

Services we provide to Wheelchair Fencing

  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Physiotherapy
  • Sport Medicine
  • Athlete Health
  • Performance Lifestyle
  • Psychology
  • Performance Analysis/Biomechanics
  • Performance Nutrition