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Swimming Performance

With the objective of supporting swimmers to swim a season’s best at major competitions, British Swimming’s performance programme integrates sport science and medicine to support athlete health, physical performance, swim analysis and mental preparation and lifestyle.

UKSI practitioners support athletes across the country, including the national centres at Loughborough and Bath, as well as at camps and competitions around the world. The programmes’ sport science and sport medicine team combines both GB Swimming and UKSI staff.

Practitioners also work closely with the UKSI Athlete Health team and Performance Innovation team, the UKSI and UK Sport Sport Intelligence team as well as external partners to deliver world class support.

As well as day-to-day support, a host of projects also help further understanding an insight into What It Takes To Win and include respiratory health strategies targeting time loss (Athlete Health), high-end technology and expertise to optimise athlete positioning in the water (Performance Innovation) and bespoke data storage and visualisation (Sports Intelligence).

Services we provide to Swimming

  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Physiotherapy and soft tissue therapy
  • Sports Medicine
  • Performance Lifestyle
  • Nutrition
  • Athlete Health
  • Performance Analysis
  • Biomechanics