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Sports Performance Innovation & Technology

Sports that work with the UK Sports Institute (UKSI) have the opportunity to access the Performance Innovation team which deploys leading-edge technology, engineering and new research in science and medicine to help British athletes achieve improvements in performance.


What Does the Performance and Innovation Team Do?

The UK Sports Institute Performance Innovation team (formerly Research & Innovation), which transferred from UK Sport in August 2013, aims to ensure that Britain’s top athletes are among the most prepared and best equipped on the world stage.

The team manages an ambitious research and development programme; looking at innovation in the areas of performance engineering, technical performance tools, athlete health, coaching science and performance science. The aim is to create a system that allows maximum opportunity for more British Champions, making Britons capable of competing and winning on the world stage, cleanly and fairly.

Why is there a focus on Performance Innovation at the UK Sports Institute?

The Performance Innovation team is closely aligned with the UK Sports Institute performance teams and works with them to help practitioners address specific performance issues. The ambitious research and development programme, looking at innovation in the areas of training science, performance medicine, equipment and coaching technologies, aims to achieve the marginal improvements that can be the difference between winning and losing a medal.

How does Performance Innovation have a performance impact?

The Performance Innovation team work with a range of summer and winter Olympic and Paralympic sports. Much of their work is highly sensitive and cannot be discussed with external parties for fear that a competitor may steal an idea.

However, by working directly with national governing bodies the team support with funding, expertise and contacts to help deliver bespoke projects that will directly benefit British athletes now and in the future.

Performance Innovation and Technology Examples

Examples of technology and engineering projects developed by the team to assist athletes include: aerodynamic packages for cycling and winter sliding sports, customised wheelchairs for paralympians and innovations in boat, paddle design for aquatic sports, instrumentation and timing systems, validation of specific training interventions and specific coaching consultancy.

To find out more about our performance innovation team and how we can help you, get in touch today.