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Sports Performance Analysis

Performance Analysis is a specialist discipline involving systematic observations to enhance performance and improve decision making, primarily delivered through the provision of objective statistical (Data Analysis) and visual feedback (Video Analysis).

What Can Performance Analysis Do in Elite Sport?

Performance Analysis is driven by a sports needs to understand and improve tactics, technique, and movement, achieved through the delivery of real and lapsed time objective feedback. The discipline focuses on enhancing interventions within the coaching process to elicit a performance gain and augment learning.

Essentially informing the athlete and coaches what actually happened as opposed to what they perceive to be happening.


Why is there a Performance Analysis team at the UK Sports Institute (UKSI)?

To achieve repeated success, coaches and athletes must know and understand what they have done to make them successful or unsuccessful and make the right decisions at the right time.

However, research shows that on average, athletes and coaches can only recall 30% of performance correctly. Performance Analysis helps with the remaining 70% by providing the facts of what happened which makes it a vital component for athlete improvement.

The UK Sports Institute Performance Analysis team work closely alongside the coaches and athletes to provide the relevant key performance information that helps objectify the performance. This allows for more evidence-based decisions, augments the experiences and knowledge that they have gained and reduces the speculation to enhance their ability to make the right decisions at the right time.

How Performance Analysis Affects the Performance Cycle

The UK Sports Institute Performance Analysis team impacts performance at all stages of the performance cycle including:

  • Modelling and measuring the actual demands of what it takes to win, quantifying what the best in the world look like, where our performers are, then providing the evidential road map to improvement and ultimately success.
  • Supporting the training environment through targeted video and data monitoring delivered in the most relevant and pertinent way to the coach, athlete or multidisciplinary team.
  • Delivering pre competition intelligence through objective profiles of our athletes and the opposition strengths and weaknesses and through supporting the selection process with objective data.
  • Capture. Code. Analyse. Feedback. These four words sum up the delivery model in competition with the analyst focused on delivering accessible video feedback and targeted data reporting in real time to provide a performance advantage immediately.
  • Performing a detailed post event analysis to support the debrief process with the objective ‘story’ of what actually happened while staying on the front foot of technology in the feedback of pertinent information.

Essential to having a performance impact is the ability of the practitioner to be integrated within the coaching environment, be the ‘right hand of the coach’, understand the principles of skill acquisition, and having a detailed understanding of the Sport they work in. Additional to this the UKSI Performance Analysis team look to stay on the front foot of technology using the most cutting edge video and data platforms such as the Dartfish Video Analysis software.

To find out more about performance analysis and how we can help you, get in touch today.