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Sailing Performance

A sport that requires complex decision making, highly technical skills and physical and mental strength to handle the unpredictable nature of water conditions, GB Sailing integrates a breadth of sport science and medical services, as well as research and innovation through the UK Sports Institute to keep athletes and coaches at the leading edge of physical, mental and technological performance.

UKSI practitioners work closely to support athletes and coaches throughout the Performance Pathway, delivering expertise from the RYA Performance Unit in Weymouth, as well as at camps and regattas overseas.

Data is critical to both human and boat performance within sailing and is used to formulate competitive and tactical approaches to training, monitoring and interventions. Decision making is also a critical factor to success on the water, with Performance Psychology focusing on helping athletes make the right decisions within a race environment and Performance Nutrition helping to keep athletes well and fuelled for long stretches on the water.

Services we provide to Sailing

  • Performance Lifestyle
  • Performance Innovation
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Physiotherapy
  • Psychology
  • Sports Medicine
  • Performance Data
  • Athlete Health