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Demanding the highest levels of strength across the bench press movement, GB Para Weightlifting athletes must develop the right technical efficiency, body composition and resilience to cope with the demands of training and intense competition environments.

UKSI practitioners work with athletes and coaches to overcome the demands the sport places on the body and determine performance limiting factors. Support is predominantly delivered at the UK Sports Institute High Performance Centre at Loughborough University as well as at camps and competitions.

Whether it’s specific Strength & Conditioning plans to build technical efficiency, based on athletes’ training history and ability to apply force in a specific way or Performance Nutrition interventions to underpin training plans to optimise muscle mass, practitioners work closely with the programme to ensure services integrate effectively around each individual athlete.

The EIS not only provide me with experts in their field, but it feels like another family to me. To work with EIS practitioners on a daily basis makes it a lot more enjoyable. To have people that are willing to go the extra mile for you, it’s something that really makes me push on and makes me want to do it for them as much as for myself.
Ali Jawad World Powerlifting Champion

Services we provide to powerlifting

  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Physiotherapy & soft tissue therapy
  • Athlete Health
  • Performance Lifestyle
  • Sport Medicine