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On Tuesday 25 April 2023 the English Institute of Sport unveiled its new identity as the UK Sports Institute in a strategic move that will better represent the organisation’s role in the UK high-performance system.

As the largest single provider of world-class science, medicine, technology, and engineering services to Olympic and Paralympic sports in the United Kingdom, the UK Sports Institute has played a crucial role in contributing to the success of thousands of athletes since its inception in 2002.

Who We Are

A proud history of supporting British athletes

Over the last four Olympic and Paralympic cycles, the UK Sports Institute has evolved into an organisation that consistently performs at the highest level, providing support to athletes on World Class Programme from Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, as well as England. The UK Sports Institute is a much clearer and more accurate depiction of everything the organisation has and continues to deliver.

Who We Are

Proud to work with partners across the UK high-performance system

Renaming as the UK Sports Institute creates better alignment with key organisations in the high-performance sector, including UK Sport, Team GB and ParalympicsGB, who - as a collective - are committed to supporting athletes on the World Class Programme building towards Paris 2024, Milan Cortina 2026 and beyond.

Today is an historic day for our organisation as we become the UK Sports Institute. We are incredibly proud of everything we have achieved since the English Institute of Sport was launched in 2002, and with a proven track record, we have earned the right to be considered alongside the likes of UK Sport, Team GB and ParalympicsGB, through a name that more accurately reflects who we are and what we do.
Matt Archibald UK Sports Institute CEO