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Women's Rugby 7s

Demanding exceptional skill and strength to tactically excel whilst withstanding and making tackles, the England Rugby 7s team require peak physical fitness to deliver maximal sprint efforts, changes in direction plus decision making under fatigue.

The UK Sports Institute works closely with athletes and coaches, delivering support at camps and competitions, such as the World Series, the Commonwealth Games, Olympics and the Sevens World Cup, as well as (either a specific UKSI base or potentially via UKSI network depending on where players are based?)

Highly technical, the demands of playing across the same space with fewer players in shorter bursts, requires a comprehensive Strength & Conditioning and Physiotherapy programme as part of the squads’ training. UKSI Physiotherapy and Strength & Conditioning services work to help prevent injury, maintain a high aerobic capacity along with power and strength, as well as support athletes with return to play and any injury issues. Sport science and medical input is communicated with the coach to aid decision making.

Services we provide to Rugby 7s

  • Athlete Health
  • Physiotherapy