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Physiotherapy & Soft Tissue Therapy

Our mission is to deliver world-leading physiotherapy and soft tissue therapy with unquestionable performance impact. We strive to optimise athlete health, exploring and navigating the complex relationship between performance and the threat of illness and injury.


Intelligence-Led Decisions Rowards Performance and Injury

We embrace this challenge, making intelligence-led decisions and developing innovative solutions so we can learn faster than our competitors. We push the boundaries of applied knowledge; however, it’s our ability to engage, empower and influence athletes and coaches which defines us. We know that sustained high-performance requires individual excellence, curiosity and a relentless drive for success, but it’s the collective power of our network which enables us to thrive.


What Our Sports Physiotherapists Do

UK Sports Institute (UKSI) Physiotherapists are world-leading in elite sport. They are:

Outstanding clinicians who consistently deliver highly effective injury assessment, management and rehabilitation, which means you will see them:

Applying excellent technical knowledge and skills underpinned by contextual understanding to design and deliver comprehensive, collaborative plans to optimise athlete return to performance.

Adapting to the unique needs of people, performance and the sporting environment.

Driving their own development and embracing opportunities for collaboration, challenge and learning.


UK Sports Institute Physiotherapists positively impact performance by mitigating the threat of injury and illness, which means you will see them:

Driving a strategic, interdisciplinary approach to optimising athlete health.

Proactively seeking to understand injury and illness burden; identifying and addressing potential risk factors through the systemic capture, analysis and contextualisation of information from multiple sources.

Sharing insight and intelligence to influence and optimise real-time, coach and athlete-led decisions and interventions.


UK Sports Institute Physiotherapists are creative problem solvers, which means you will see them:

Identifying and understanding problems and opportunities using insight and perspective to generate a range of ideas and potential solutions that consider risk, reward and consequence.


UK Sports Institute Physiotherapists understand performance needs & what it takes to win, which means they:

Understand performance outcomes and coaching philosophy; make collaborative, contextual decisions aligned to critical performance variables.

Understand that the determinants of success continually evolve; and that adaptation and behaviour change is vital to sustain high-performance.


To find out more about how your sports physiotherapists can help you, get in touch today.