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#More2Me: Laura Gallagher

20 June 2024

After giving birth to her daughter, GB Trampoline Gymnast Laura Gallagher made the decision to return to sport, becoming the first person on the trampoline programme to do so after having a baby. Her journey back to elite sport has been marked by resilience and determination, serving as a powerful example for other athletes balancing motherhood and their sporting journeys.

We recently had the opportunity to catch up with Laura and her UKSI Performance Lifestyle Practitioner, Maimee Titmuss-Morris, to discuss her return to the sport and learn about her activities outside of trampolining.

Laura explained: “Becoming a mum has impacted me massively as an athlete. It gives a completely different perspective on life as a whole. Going into training, whether it’s a good or bad session, feels different now.”

Beyond her sporting endeavours, Laura has been focusing on personal development and acquiring skills that will benefit her long after her trampolining career. This is an ethos at the heart of the UKSI Performance Lifestyle campaign, #More2Me, which encourages athletes like Laura to balance their sporting commitments with personal growth and future career planning.

For a deeper insight into Laura’s experiences, watch the full interview below.

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