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Preparing for the Future - Top Tips for Athletes

26 April 2024

As an athlete, how you plan and prepare can make a big difference to how you develop and perform in your sport. The same applies for your personal growth and your future beyond the World Class Programme (WCP) and its funding.

We are not just talking about retiring from elite sport either, the point at which you come off the WCP, may be the point you turn professional in your sport, decide to self-fund with the ambition to return onto the WCP, talent transfer into another sport or explore a different career path.

At the link below, you will find some top tips from the UKSI Performance Lifestyle (PL) team on ways to develop yourself and prepare for your future whilst you’re on a WCP.

Preparing for the Future – Top Tips for Athletes

The team are here to support you with this and how to navigate the change this brings when the time comes. You can also contact us at

Former elite athletes can join the BEAA’s lifelong alumni community to connect with others at different stages of their career post-programme: