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The UK Sports Institute (UKSI) aims to foster a culture of continuous learning and professional development.

We are improving the systems we have in place to collect, share and disseminate leading-edge thinking and practice across all areas of expertise. This ensures practitioners have access to the latest developments in sport science and sport medicine both in their own area of expertise and those with cross-disciplinary applications.

Personal development

Our employees are also given opportunities to attend and speak at conferences and events around the world and develop relations with globally-renowned experts. This culture of personal development combined with a rigorous focus on professional advancement brings huge benefits to the athletes and coaches we work with and provides them with ongoing access to practitioners that are continually developing their capabilities and increasing their level of expertise they are able to provide to sports and National Governing Bodies (NGB’s).

Inclusive culture

We are proud to have an inclusive culture at the UK Sports Institute, one where we embrace people from all diverse backgrounds.

We are on a journey and our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Action plan sets out key actions for us to deliver, but our real strength is in working together every day in inclusive teams in the UK Sports Institute and with our partners in Sports, benefiting from everyone’s wide and unique talents and perspectives. We know that as an organisation we are better for having the broadest perspectives and thinking that comes with having a truly diverse team.

We encourage applications for vacancies from applicants of all backgrounds and we have strong flexible working practises which can help to support people wanting to join our team at the UK Sports Institute.

A number of critical policies, including our annual gender pay gap report, can be found on our Diversity and Inclusion page.

Learning and Development #COLLECTIVEBRILLIANCE

We recognise that the majority of learning inside the UK Sports Institute takes place on the job. The UK Sports Institute offers a learning journey which understands your context and needs, connects you through our world class networks and communities with the people that matter most and supply you with the lessons, experiences and insights of others from around our high performance system.

We are deliberate about our people’s learning and development at the UK Sports Institute. From the moment you arrive you are in control of your personal and professional development and will be supported by world class experts. Through excellent coaching, mentoring, challenge and support you will be empowered to explore and navigate your world to be brilliant.