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Introducing the EIS Data Leadership Programme

16 November 2022

This week the Performance Data Team at the English Institute of Sport (EIS) launched its inaugural Data Leadership Programme, across the high-performance system. Here, the team explain how the programme has been designed to accelerate the development and connectivity of those in data leadership roles. 

The EIS Performance Data Strategy was created to enable and empower people to create performance insight from data. The Data Leadership Programme has been carefully designed in line with this, ensuring that the skills learned during the programme will generate real impact for sports. While focusing on the necessary skills to be a data leader, participants will also explore areas such as identifying key stakeholders and how to influence them on the importance of data. 

The programme is set to take place over the next 12 months, with five workshops underpinning the programme. Each workshop will target critical skills needed to be a data leader, and participants will have the chance to form connections with those in similar roles, by sharing their experiences and stories. The programme will also incorporate wider learning, with opportunities to connect with world-leading organisations, to better understand the differences and commonalities faced. 

David Gallimore, Head of Performance Data at the EIS, said: “World Class Programmes are increasingly investing in data capacity and capability as a strategic imperative. The number of ‘Performance Data Lead’ roles has grown significantly in recent years, enabling a step-change in how data is used by unlocking valuable new insight, and creating efficient, sustainable processes.  

“Recognising that Performance Data Leadership is a new and rapidly evolving concept, this course creates a fantastic opportunity for the pioneers of the role to learn, share, build a network and find inspiration.” 

The first workshop took place at Twickenham Stadium this week, and saw the cohort spend time with England Rugby in a series of knowledge share sessions. A key focus of the first workshop was identifying “what’s hot in the world of data”, while also taking advantage of the opportunity to spend time with a world-leading organisation. 

Participants then attended the Leaders in Sport Performance Summit event at Twickenham Stadium; this provided an opportunity for each participant to hear from world-leading experts in sport and to connect with the network of the world’s high-performance community. 

EIS Data Leadership Programme participants at Twickenham Stadium
EIS Data Leadership Programme participants at Twickenham Stadium

Todd Atkins, Performance Data Lead at the EIS, said: “Our Data Leadership Programme will look to accelerate the ability to deliver performance value through improved skills, greater awareness of where data can have an impact, and learning from other sports and industries. The aim is that our participants will take the skills and knowledge learned and apply this to their own strategies in the upcoming cycles.  

“Our long-term goal is to have a number of data roles within sports, across the high-performance system, who have the skills and knowledge to use data to its full potential. It will be fully encouraged that each participant continues to use the community available to them, and conversations between sports continue, which will only strengthen the power of the high-performance system.” 

The programme includes a number of different data roles across eight sports: 

  • Kyle Goggin (EIS Performance Data Lead at British Triathlon)
  • Peter Morris (EIS Performance Data Lead at British Rowing)
  • Tom Hull (EIS Performance Support Lead at British Canoeing)
  • Tom Shaw (Head of Performance Data & Information at British Swimming)
  • Amber Luzar (EIS Data & Insight Lead at GB & England Hockey)
  • Emma Bird (EIS Performance Analyst at British Para Table Tennis & GB Climbing)
  • Billy Fitton (Data & Insight Lead at British Cycling)
  • Annabel Cattermole (EIS Data Scientist at British Sailing)

Peter Morris, EIS Performance Data Lead at British Rowing, said: “I’m really looking forward to being part of a programme that will provide educational and rewarding experiences, especially with the opportunity to meet and exchange stories with like-minded professionals.  

“I’m hoping to gain new insights and perspectives into the varying uses of data across different sports and industries, and to feel more inspired to embrace new ideas and skills. The EIS has a great history in development opportunities, so I’m really excited for what’s to come for us over the next year.” 

You can read more about the EIS Performance Data Team, including case studies showcasing their collaborative projects across the high-performance system, here.