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Procurement and Tender Opportunities

The UK Sports Institute’s procurement policy is that Goods, Services or Works should be acquired by competition wherever possible in line with government policy and the relevant legislation.

Tendering for contracts

We will advertise any tender opportunities on this webpage including for all contracts over £100,000 (excl VAT) and/or on the ContractsFinder platform or Find A Tender platform (as applicable).

Where we are seeking quotations for goods, services or works of above £10,000, quotes will be requested through a minimum of three appropriate suppliers.


UK Sports Institute may also use collaborative contracts and framework agreements issued by the Crown Commercial Office or other bodies from time to time.

Transparency Data

Click here to download UKSI Publicly Tendered Contracts for Goods and Services from 2020 to 2024

Click here to download UKSI Prompt Payment Information

Click here to download UKSI Purchasing Data for Financial Year 2024

Click here to download UKSI Purchasing Spend Data for Financial Year 2023

Current Tender Opportunities

There are currently no tender opportunities.